Here at Aqua One we believe an aquarium should be more than purely a glass bowl in which fish little more than live.


The designer first and foremost must consider the well being of the fish by creating an aquarium system which provides as close as possible a natural equilibrium in which aquatic life can thrive.


Secondly, but equally important, the aesthetics should ensure the aquarium becomes a centre piece in any living room, a piece of furniture that you will be proud to own.

AquaVogue 135.


135 Litres.


Aquarium = 42d x 80w x 50h cm.



Cabinet = 42d x 80w x 75h cm .

AquaVogue 170.


170 Litres.


Aquarium = 42d x 100w x 50h cm.



Cabinet = 42d x 100w x 75h cm.


AquaVogue 245.


245 Litres.


Aquarium = 45d x 120w x 55h cm.



Cabinet = 45d x 120w x 75h cm.